“Let’s go with the wave of love”

The painting “Let’s go with the wave of love” is inspired by love and emotions that arise between a man and a woman. That love guides us through life and gives us the strength to overcome difficult moments more easily. Accents of different colors in the picture lead to vibrations in the viewer’s eye, constantly keeping him “awake” and excited, just like when he saw that person for the first time. On the other hand, we have very gentle lovers who exude the tenderness of their love. And of course strong temperamental moves that show their passion. The painting represents the life of two young people, in love, as they move through life. In the end, the message of this picture is that we should all follow that “wave of love” and let love guide us through life.

The painting was exhibited at a solo exhibition in Montenegro at the City Gallery of Kotor in 2022.