13. samostalna izložba u Galeriji Doma kulture Čačak, “Spektar emocija”2022.

13th solo exhibition in the Culture Center Gallery Čačak, “Spectrum of Emotions” 2022.

“Spectrum of emotions”

Ever since the old days, at the end of the forties of the last century, when some artists gave up the previous way of painting, and in some way freed themselves, like Kandinsky and later, Jackson Pollock, who is more famous and at that time the most radical representative in the so-called action painting, until today , many reject form in the classical sense and express their need for creation in a special way. That’s when the term abstract expressionism appeared. Creativity is no longer a deeply thought-out, predetermined study, but rather a reflection of the inner being of the artist himself. Sometimes a sign or symbol can be recognized, sometimes there are geometric shapes, but also random lines and colored surfaces. Nemanja Vučković is one of the painters who creates his works in a similar way. His large format paintings are now in front of us. The first thing we notice is the color. Color, which the artist uses without hesitation and great deliberation. With color, with a strong stroke, the artist brings his temperament and energy into the painting. These paintings are characterized by broad, bold strokes. There is no figuration on them. We can say that Nemanja is a painter of “pure” abstraction. Expressed pictorial elements are the basic content of these works. His painting is based on the combination of artistic elements – color, line, matter, gesture, and everything is in the function of the artistic form. There is also consciousness and subconsciousness, emotions, experienced and survived, erupt from it like a volcano and be transferred to the canvas. Therefore, in addition to controlled strokes, there are also a lot of “random” effects, which the artist uses and combines. The main feature of these images is freedom in the broadest sense. Uninhibited movement, drawing and choice of colors and the possibility for the artist, this time Nemanja Vučković, to manage those artistic elements and use them to arrive at an artistic composition. And finally, these images leave us the freedom and space to really experience them in our own way, to dive into them and connect the spectrum of colors and the spectrum of emotions.

Editor of the art program

Vesna Petrović