14. samostalna izložba u Modernој Galeriji Lazarevac, “Talasom ljubavi” 2022.

14th solo exhibition at the Lazarevac Modern Gallery, “The Wave of Love” 2022.

“Wave of Love”

The deeply hidden energy of nature asks us to free ourselves from a strictly rational and analytical view in search of answers about the world that surrounds us and ourselves as integral parts of that whole. With her creativity, Nemanja Vučković invites us to dive into our being and surrender to an intuitive experience in the search for knowledge.
With broad and intense strokes, he conveys his thoughts, feelings, sensory sensations, experiences, abstractly on the canvas. With the play of distinct colors and impulses that guide the movements of the brush, it touches each of us on the inner plane and leaves us room for a strong personal experience and individual communication with the work of art.
By doing so, he achieves that we do not view his paintings as ideas that are rounded and completed when they are brought to life, at the moment of creation, nor does he suggest a universal meaning, but on the contrary, they are open and continue to build their way in contact with the audience, who sees them on an affective and he recognizes the spiritual plane as an integral part of himself and his experience. In this way, they continue to live and take place in everyone’s microcosm.
The creative personality and authentic philosophy of the painter awaken emotions and lead us on a wave of love, providing the possibility of interaction with the idea of ​​true beauty and ideal harmony.
What comes to the fore is that the topics with which he is occupied at a given moment change, in which his curious and investigative spirit can be seen, which is aware of changes both in himself and in his environment. And most importantly, he gives his answer to the questions that come before him, in the way he wants to bring us back to ourselves, to the energy of nature around us and in us.

Editor and columnist of the digital magazine Fenis

Andrijana Ristić

May 2022.