17. samostalna izložba u Generalnom konzulat Republike Srbije u Beču, Austrija, „Slobodan let“ 2022.

17th solo exhibition at the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Vienna, Austria, “Free Flight” 2022.

“Free Flight”

“Nemanja Vučković belongs to the younger generation of artists, he is basically a lyrical painter, with a gorgeous color where every form looks at, explains, illuminates, develops from the inside and the outside. The last cycle of paintings reduces to an associative landscape chromatic, represented imaginatively, and on the other hand, the luxurious color scheme is an invention of the artist himself. One does not look a priori in the richness of the vocabulary in its motives, but in its ability for variations, to solve a certain problem in several ways. It is true that Nemanja Vučković is PER EXCELLENCE an effective painter, but it is usually thought that masters of variations are rational-spiritual types. This is not true. Nemanja is an effective painter in the best sense of the word. Emotion is the guiding principle in his painting.

Without a doubt, Nemanja Vučković belongs to the painting of Fauvism and Expressionism, stylistically and expressively springing from it. It is about the artist, where with his stroke of the colored surface, structural dominance, he gives us the opportunity to follow the process of work completely free-spontaneous, rational concept, to a well-thought-out problem of composition. The latest cycle is significantly more dispersed in its color spectrum, there are different aspects of cold-warm tones, which are connected with the aspects of elaborated wide surfaces, from important to less important forms. The new images are dominated by the moment of play, with widely dynamic movements, wide horizontal, accompanied by dynamic movements. Light does not have its source, but it is universally present, light is precisely the space in which this world of light spots bears witness to its existence.

Therefore, his opus is an inspiring object, his visualization with bundles of robust strokes or layers of chromatic tones, as well as with his controlled line, accentuates, extracts the essential from the most essential. It is a landscape of the soul remembered from his childhood, where his painting radiates the entire soul of the artist. The source of his swelling inspirations shines inexhaustibly from the depths of his soul. An idea conveyed on large canvases, controlled in color, joyfully lit and constantly conveyed lyrically. His art develops like a flower from a bud, and blooming is a process of love and joy of positive and creative energy. These pictures not only show, but also give. You will not leave empty souls from them, because they will lead you to anxious insomnia, they are dreamlike, mysterious and filled with microcosmic symbols.

The painter gives names to his paintings. But those names are products of poetic imagination, they stand with the images in a complementary relationship, a relationship of mutual touch, but not full identification of what is happening in the paintings of a young promising artist.”

Academician prof. Dr. Fehim Husković